Unarmed Teen Killed By Police In East Pittsburgh

On Tuesday, June 19th, approximately around 8:15 p.m., someone fired nine .40-caliber rounds at a 22-year-old in North Braddock Borough, Allegheny County police said. The victim, who returned fire, was struck and taken to a hospital. He was treated and released.

Witnesses, including one who flagged down a police officer, described the vehicle in the shooting. Thirteen minutes later, an East Pittsburgh officer saw a silver Chevy Cruze, which matched the vehicle’s description. The officer stopped the car around 8:40 p.m.

The officer ordered the driver out of the car and onto the ground. Antwon and another passenger “bolted” from the vehicle, and the East Pittsburgh officer opened fire, striking Antwon. The officer fired three times, hitting Antwon three times in various parts of his body.

One of the passengers got away from the scene. It was not clear whether that passenger was hit in the gunfire. As for the driver, he was taken into custody but was released when officers found they did not have cause to charge him in the earlier shooting.

Although Antwon was unarmed, two semiautomatic firearms were recovered from the floor of the vehicle.

Antwon Rose II of Rankin, a 17-Year-Old African-American, later died at a hospital.

Source: CNN, New York Daily News